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Predictive Maintenance Services

Vibration Analysis

Dynamic Balancing

Laser Alignment

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

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The L.P. Larson Corporation is a complete predictive maintenance solution company.  

Our certified engineers use Vibration Analysis, Thermal Imaging, Dynamic Balancing, Laser Alignment and UltraSonic Inspection Services to solve machinery and structural problems for top industrial and commercial firms, government agencies, pharmaceuticals and utilities.

LP Larson engineers provide our customers with expertise at the machinery maintenance level to insure against unscheduled downtime and unexpected equipment failure.

About us.

The LP Larson Corporation was incorporated in 1969 and services greater New England industrials, commercials, utilities and government contracts. On occasion serving clients in other regions and countries has presented LP Larson engineers with a wide variety of challenges and opportunities to solve mechanical and structural concerns.

The L.P Larson Corporation has enjoyed a rich history of diverse clientele, and maintenance challenges which enable us to provide seamless coverage for your predictive maintenance programs, and urgent 24 hour support for those untimely machinery outages.

Providing consultative expertise from design/install, operate/maintain or ready to replace -- applying a combination of predictive, preventive and reactive maintenance activities will help extend equipment life and improve operational performance of your assets.

Maximizing asset returns by extending service life, minimizing downtime and keeping machines operating to specifications rather than simply extending the life of older production equipment are LP Larson Corporation specialties. 


Vibration Analysis

Predictive Maintenance Programs

Bearing Faults

Acceptance Testing

Modal Analysis

Sensor Installations

Office Space / Building Vibration Testing

Dynamic Balancing

Fan Balancing

Pump Balancing

Cooling Tower Balancing

Field Balancing

Industrial Balancing

Machinery Balancing

Laser Alignment

Pump Alignments

Cooling Tower Alignment

Sheave/Pulley Belt Alignments

Gearbox Alignments


Thermal Imaging


Electrical Panels

Switch Gear



Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Steam Trap Inspection

Vacuum Leaks 

Compressor / Air Leak Surveys 

Electrical Inspection

Millwright / Mechanical Repairs

Bearing Replacement

Fan Repair

Motor Swaps

Cooling Tower Repair

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