Vibration Analysis Services
Vibration analysis is the peak method available in predictive maintenance programs.  The vibration signature of a machine under load conditions provides more information about the workings of the machinery than any other non-destructive testing method available!
Why implement a Vibration Analysis Predictive Maintenance Program?

A Predictive Maintenance program will all but eliminate catastrophic equipment failures!
  •         Improved Safety
Vibrating equipment has been proven to be detrimental to employees who work near or around the equipment.
  •         Reduction in Lost Production
Predictive maintenance helps identify problems in equipment before it fails so machine downtime can be scheduled. 
  •         Reduced cost of maintenance
Equipment is scheduled to be down instead of routine disassembly. This reduces the resources needed to maintain the equipment.                
  •         Less Likelihood of secondary damage
Predicting failures in advance can substantially reduce costs versus a more severe machine failure. If not predicted early a bearing failure in a motor could easily damage the surrounding parts.
  •         Improved site efficiency
By predicting when machines are not running to specification predictive maintenance programs allow facilities to make scheduled repairs to machinery running out of specification thereby reducing utility bills.

NASA and the US Navy have successful Predictive Maintenance Programs!

The U.S. Navy pioneered preventive maintenance as a means to increase the reliability of their vessels. By simply expending the necessary resources to conduct maintenance activities intended by the equipment designer, equipment life is extended and its reliability is increased. In addition to an increase in reliability, dollars are saved over that of a program just using reactive maintenance.
NASA Engineering Network Public Lessons Learned #0849 describes how Predictive Maintenance programs lower cost and increase reliability.

Implementing our combined experience and technologies The L.P. Larson Corporation preforms predictive maintenance programs at:

  • Power Plants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Universities
  • Government Facilities
  • Top Industrial Firms
The L.P. Larson Corporation has been solving machinery problems since 1969. We have  Level II and Level III Vibration Institute certified Engineers using state of art hardware and software including Multichannel Analyzers, Thermography, Ultrasonic Instruments and Modal Analysis. With 24 X 7 service.
The multi channel analyzer is capable of up to 20 kHz Analysis Frequency, with up to 25,600 lines of resolution. The multi channel analyzer offers a wider effective dynamic range than most other instruments because of the number of programmable ranges that are possible. All channels are sampled synchronously, resulting in better than 1 degree of phase matching between channels.

Our modal analysis software (ODS) allows us to make custom videos showing the source of your vibration problems.  Reports are available electronically 24 hours a day from any web enabled PC via our web reporting portal.
Permanent monitoring and remote monitoring solutions are available with the assurance that L.P. Larsons engineers are available to remotely connect to diagnoise your vibration problems. 
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