Laser Alignment Services
Precision laser alignment has proven to be a fundamental requirement in order to archive proper machinery life. Laser Alignments leads to increased bearing life, increased seal life and decreased energy costs.  Our alignments are extremely accurate. Our instrumentation measures to 2 microns with a displayed resolution of .1 mils or .0001 inches.

Dials vs. Lasers
Most organizations say that they are not achieving the precision alignments required in today's completive environment using dial indicators.  This is not because dials are not capable, they are, but because very few people have been properly training in their use and are not using them in a precision manner such as rim and face or reverse dial.  There are also multiple places where mistakes can be made with dials.  The earliest converts to laser alignments where in fact the people who were well trained in precision dial methods since the recognized the obvious speed advantages and accuracy of precision laser alignments.
Flexible Couplings
The vast majority of couplings used in the industry are flexible couplings and they require precision alignment.  Coupling tolerances are just that, for the coupling.  The forces generated by misaligned flexible couplings are still being transmitted to the seals and bearings of the machine.  Forces generate excess heat which leads to energy losses and decreased bearing and seal life.

Soft Foot Conditions
Soft foot is a condition in which all four feet of the motor are not on the same plane. 
Like a wobbly table in a restaurant.
Soft foot causes distortion on the machinery and non-repeatable alignment readings.  It needs to be corrected in order to achieve precision alignment.  It is corrected by determining where it is on the feet and shimming appropriately.
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